Friday, 5 July 2013

The Politics of Global Markets

Nice to watch this weekly resume from Royal London Asset Management's director and Head of Fixed Income Jonathan Platt. I think I am safe to say we had an eventful week on many fronts of the Global Markets, specially in some Eurozone countries as well as in Egypt. In matters concerned to the Eurozone it is interesting to note the relatively noncompetitive Italian Labor Markets largely compensated by the good National Saving rates of this Eurozone Country in contrast to others....Looking elsewhere it is also interesting not to notice a mention to the East Asian Markets, perhaps understandably as it is indeed mentioned the good economic performance of the US economy in comparison to other Advanced Economies. And the tapering will eventually occur, and the markets aren't ready!  And finally Emerging Markets (like Brazil or Turkey) are really under-performing and seeing a capital flight and growing inequality that alerts us for Political Risks and its consequences.  


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